Leather crafting beginners guide

Get Started in Leather Crafting : Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners!

If you are an absolute beginner like you've never picked up a leather crafting tool in your life and you want to get started with leather crafting this is for you!

Leather crafting beginners guide just for you !

by Leatherworker

Ok so you decided to start leather crafting and you don't know where to start or you've seen almost every video from YOUTUBE ! RIGHT ?

Youtube is a good resource if you find the right channel, but you have to understand that is not how most people get into leather crafting.

Most people just struggle even to find out what tools or materials they need so I know how hard is to find proper tools, leather and accessories to start leather crafting.

You thought about paying for a leather crafting workshop!

You might be wondering!

How can I get started without having to spend thousands on a in-person workshop?

leather crafting youtube search

If you are an absolute beginner like you've never picked up a leather craftig tool in your life and you want to get started with leather crafting maybe this is for you!

I hope this ensures that you stay on track and you bypass all the frustrating situations like choosing the wrong or unnecessary tools. The wrong type of leather. There are a lot of different types of leather work that you can choose from. Some of them require different types of tools and we're going to get into that a little bit more and will also help you bypass frustrating situations like wasting time trying to figure out everything on your own.

Googling all of that will take you to learning the incorrect techinques and for sure you will have to correct your mistakes later.This basic information i hope it's gonna save you lot of time and money.
Foremost you should determinate what kind of leather work it is that you're interested in doing.

You might be thinking !

Isn't all leather work the same ?

It's just leather and you make stuff out of it !

leather crafting questions

Well how exactly ?

Because you have a lot of different methods and a lot of different results that you can get.

Rustic methods

You have rustic methods where the stitching dosen't have to be perfect.

American West Style

You have the sort of american west style where the thered tends to be a little bit thicker and stitches aren't necessarily slanted , they're straight but they might not be slanted.

You might have stitching holes or stitching slants . those ar just a couple of the differences.


Then you have the European sort of more refined method. ! It's kind of hybrid method but it works just fine to craft a backpack, bag, wallet, belt or different kind of items.

You want to gather your leather and tools that you can kind of practice on first when your're getting started.

So let's get in to some tips for how to get started with leather crafting.

Leather crafting tips for beginner's

1. Leather

Is highly recommended looking for some cheap practice leather instead of going out and purchasing an entire cowhide.

Unless you have a big budget then go for it.

But if you are someone who is on a budget go ahead and look for a cheap tannery in your area. Or some of those leather distributors that sell cheap leather local or online.

It's recommended getting some of that scrap leather and really practice on it until mastering those basic skills before you dive into a big side of leather. Leather is expensive and it can also be intimidating when you get that hide of leather, you don't want to mess it up, you don't want to waste it, so sometimes it'll sit on your shelf.

When you get cheap leather allows you to get used to different leather types and the terminology .

Ebay or classifieds websites are good to search for leather because they use to mention what type of leather it is and also weight of leather.

2. Pattern

leather crafting pattern

It's recommended to use a pattern and to choose one before you buy that piece of leather .

If you choose to craft a backpack or a bag then you have to choose a leather with 1.6mm and maximum 2mm thikness for the project.

When you start your first project it's good to buy a pattern instead of building one.

A good pattern will give you confidence that you can work with leather.

All pieces are ready made for your new project and you can just draw the lines to cut leather and holes for stitches.
In this video you see how easy it is :

Now you have your pattern and you need some basic tools !

3 Tools

Here are some basic leather crafting tools for your project.

3.1 Cutter

Olfa or NT cutter would do a good job when cutting leather.

leather crafting nt cutter

3.2 Hollow punch

When choosing hollow punch , don't get just one dimension , get a set of different types , 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm. Wuta has some good leather tools . You can find a cheap and good set of hollow punch using their Amazon shop.

leather crafting wuta

4 Needles

I would go for John James Needles

leather crafting needle

5. Thread

  • Types of thread ! So first we're gonna go over the different types of thread you can get. So we have:
  • - Corespun Polyester Thread
  • Pros : this is above the a man-made material so the pros of this is that is very strong and durable it is also UV resistance it's not going to use its color.
  • Cons : There is a limited color choise and size choise so generally you can get Black, Brown , Yellow and White. The other colors incredibly hard to get.
  • - Linen Thread
  • Pros: Range of sizes and they are relatively inexpensive
  • Cons: Limited color choise and they're not as strong as the man-made threads obviously a linen thread is a natural product so it is liable to rot over time if not treated properly.
  • - Branded Linen Thread
  • Pros : there is a huge range of sizes and colors which makes it ideal for basic projects.
  • Cons : Is incredibly expensive. It's not going to be as strong as man-made polyester and will be liable to rotting if not treated properly.
  • Most leather artisans use Ritza Tiger thread so it's your choice.
  • However you can use any thread from Amazon or eBay for your first leather crafting project.
leather crafting thread

6. Adhesive

Leather has unique properties that can make it hard to work with. Finding the right adhesive may be a pain. We recommend Bison Kit or something simillar . Adhesive Bison is easy to find and maybe you have some in your home. You can use any type of adhesive similar tu this one from picture!

leather crafting adhesive

7. Ruller

METAL ruller only ! Allways use a metal ruller if you care about your fingers.

8. Punching Pad

Leather Craft Punching Pad

9. Leatherworking pen

Leatherworking pen or a white or silver gel pen, to mark your pattern holes and margins.

10. Edge paint

leather crafting edge paint

Edge paint from Giardini , Fenice or other producer from the market. You can use any edge paint for your first leather crafting project.

11. Cutting Mat

leather crafting cutting mat

It is important to have a cuting mat you can use to cut leather.

After you finish your project send us some pictures.
Would love to see your crafting project finished.
Have fun with your leather crafting !

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