Leather crafting for beginners ! Artisan interviews and more !

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Leather Crafting for Beginners!

Ok so you decided to start leather crafting and you don't know where to start or you've seen almost every video from YOUTUBE , RIGHT ?

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How to chose leather!

Here you can find some of the best tanneries advices and how to chose leather for your beginners crafting. Always updated and improved !

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Where to sell your crafting!

Social Media Marketing and Digital marketing advice for beginners in leather crafting and leatherworking.

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Straight to the point !

We share just fresh ideas for leather crafting beginners.

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I try to share as much info as I can to help you pick up your leather tool kit before you start leather crafting. When buying your tools for sure you need guidance as to what tools to buy or where to buy them from. A good source and sincere info is gold. I asked several leather artisans and they advised on buying a kit . That wasn't really a good advice for a beginner ! Enjoy!


When we're talking about leather quality ,type of leather or the tickness it's 'Narnia'. To many options , but you need know more info, like I did when i started the research for what type of leather to choose for my projects. Here I try to answer these questions. If you don't know what type of leather to choose when you start a project , maybe this section will help !


Here I will share as much info as I can about leather patterns. This sounds simple but it ain't ! Choosing your patttern or creating one is hard. Enjoy !


This blog section will highlight leather artisans stories or their advices. I try to contact artisans from different countries that are interested to share their experience as a pro or beginner. Enjoy!

share your story

Every business has a story behind it, somethins is simple sometimes ain't. We have to face that and to be honest. If you own a leather crafting business or you are just a local artisan and you need brand awareness just contact me and i'll be glad to share your story !

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Leather crafting beginners guide

Get started in leather craftin: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners.If you are an absolute beginner this is for you!

I'm a leather artisan with Nelson Deskins

My wife and I met in art class, many years ago in high school. Art has always been something we enjoyed doing, in various mediums.

share your event

When you plan a event for your leather crafting sale , course or just expo make sure to share that with us , too. We are always glad to help you promote your business for free !

the ideea

The ideea with this blog is to create a sincere and proactive community when it comes to leather crafting as a hobby or as a business. Since I started my learning path , I noticed that Youtube tutorials aren't enough and information is missing. This is about sharing fresh ideas. If you have something valuable to share, please do it, every one is invited here . I hope we can cover what they don't tell us about leather crafting ! Let's leather the world !

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